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You do not have to physically harm or be harmed (!) in any way to reap the benefits of combat. You will instead learn  how creativity in physical movement, which is how we describe the various forms of combat that we teach, improves the connection between mind and body and breath.

Our programmes are designed by our master trainers and legends, some of whom have competed at the highest level and so we ask you to place your trust in them, to achieve your personal goals. We will of course accommodate members who wish to put into practice their disciplines.

You’ve heard them all:

‘You can run but you can’t hide’

‘Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee’

‘Boxing is the Sweet Science’

Now let us show you how we use these slogans and how they can develop a growth mindset in you!

At Box Centric you can switch from dance to combat to movement to functional use of your own body weight via sparring sessions, pad work, bag work, leg work, full body work, all in a day’s work.

We provide one on one personal training, group classes (limited to six per class), and the space to train on your own if you prefer.

We welcome home visits/one to one training/group training and we will visit you at a location that works for you, be that in your own home or in your hotel room (please ask about bookings).


We are teaming up with Photon Lens to offer you a unique and exclusive mind and body VR and AR training experience within out club.  More information coming soon.